Choose the subjects of your interest – “Choice based credit system”

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The earlier conventional education system where the students were subjected to a lot of stress in learning the subjects either according to the options chosen by the University or the faculty available at the college (electives) is now about to change its mundane style of teaching. It must be really a great to all the B.Tech students. One can now go ahead breaking the barriers of confined scope and can opt a system of ones passion and desire . This can not only change the mind set of a student but also enlighten his area of his/her interest. Additionally choosing subjects by ones desire makes them go an extra step, think of the scope the subject has and can organize his career accordingly which is completely different from the conventional system. It could be lucidly supported, the subjects which are commonly assigned to all the students could make them study only for obtaining the aggregate at the end of the year but not gaining the knowledge.

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JNTU- Hyderabad

The JNTU Hyderabad is all set to embrace choice based credit system (CBCS) from 2015 academic year. How ever it will be limited to only autonomous colleges for time being, and the decision on introducing the same in affiliated colleges may take a little time. Under JNTU, 12 colleges enjoy autonomous status and they have been chosen CBSC as they have the wherewithal to offer the capsule courses outside the technology curriculum.Though the first step is has been taken, officials are skeptical about its success given the shortage of faculty and the infrastructure.

“As of now B.Tech courses have 200-2012” credits.The credits to be reduced in the core course earmarking them to courses outside the stream is a big task. Such a scenario demands necessary infrastructure and qualified teachers.


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