Baahubali to turn up with the 3rd part-officially confirms Rajamouli

S.S.Rajamouli’s biggest hit ‘Baahubali’ has created a sensation releasing worldwide in multi languages has collected around 300 crores in the 1st part itself. It is believed that he is the  only director who almost takes 2 years to wrap up a movie,however comes up with the beautiful output on the big screen. Audience have made up their mind that baahubali would have the second part due to the unbelievable twist in the climax of 1st part.’why did Kattappa kill Baahubali ?’, This is the 1st question when people gossip about Baahubali. Lets wait for the second part to get the suspense revealed.


However, social media has created a lot of buzz in the film industry about the world of baahubali that it would have a third part as well. ‘Is it a rumour ?’,’Is Rajamouli sir going to continue Baahubali as a saaga like Hollywood movie series ?’,’Is Prabhas dedicated only to Baahubali movie through out his career?’, such sort of question are spreading like a viral fever among the audience.In order to put an end to those questions, Rajamouli has officially announced in an interview that Baahubali is going to wind up in the 2nd part itself. But Baahubali 3rd part is going to hit the big screen sooner or later with the all new world of baahubali which has never been experienced.He has tweeted the same thing on twitter too.The collections he has made in the 1st part were amazing and the upcoming parts have a lot of expectations. Let us wait for the remaining parts to come up and get tuned to the Baahubali world.


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    • Rajamouli sir’s movie is pretty famous to be known to take atleast 2 years,however the visuals on the big screen are worth the wait. So lets wait for the suspense to get revealed in the Baahubali’s sequel.