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Know the disciplines of Science behind the Ancient Approach of Sages

Did you ever wonder that Ancient science was far and much better than the present science which ultimately proves that our ancestors were right always in predicting what is good and what is bad to human race. In fact they were not just predictions, each and every belief they predicted were true to 100 percent. But during the transformations the world has been subjected gradually erased all of the ancient science and left only traces of them. Most of them were destroyed in the world wars I and II, some were stolen, while a few other were burnt and we Indians just read that they once upon a time existed and were followed by our ancestors . We must be sorry for our next generations because we have nothing left to tell the offspring’s.

Let us have a look at the ancient science which was, is and will be amazing. Modern science which is getting updated day by day was once upon into practice by the people.


Have a look at the Temple’s Gopuram when you visit. Without which it is not at all possible to build it.Lot of Mathematical formulas and calculations were required to make it a perfect geometrical 3D structure. The modern constructions are no match to the ancient constructions.


Test Tube Birth

Referring back to the Mahabharata, we all know that Gandhaari had given birth to 100 sons. But how did that happen? She had hit her stomach and the embryo got broken into 100 pieces, which were then grown artificially in pots which is nothing but the Birth through Test Tube. Hence this method was implemented ages back.

Test tube babies _Indiavisuals


It is believed that the first aircraft was invented by “Wright Brothers”. But you know what, the locomotion through airways was in use ages back. Heard of “Pushpaka Vimanam”, yes, it is an automobile which was invented long back and stood as an example for the skills behind the aerodynamics and automobiles.


Solar System

Mercury and Pluto will no more be into consideration of the Solar System. There fore including Sun and Moon and the 7 planets, we have total 9 in number. And now ” Navagrahas” refer to 9 planets including the Sun and The Moon. Hence , it was proved that the Mercury and Pluto will no more be considered by our ancients. Hats off to their knowledge without out the use of any telescope.

Solar System_Indiavisuals


Electronics and Communications is not the present technology, Even this was in use way back.



Polemolgy is nothing but Multi disciplinary study of war. The present wars have no ethics where as there were some morals and etiquette’s for war . The warriors must follow them in the battle field. A thin warrior must fight with a thin opponent ,warriors without weapons should not be attacked with weapons, etc.



Have you ever visited Lepakshi ? If yes, you can witness a hanging pillar over there. Referring to the laws of Magnetism, like poles repel and unlike poles attract. The perfect example f magnetism. This shows how the ancient people had a great awareness towards the approach towards the physics and applied them in the live environment. There are lot many thing which we must know from them.


Ayurvedic Medicine

Our Ancients have best knowledge on curing dreadful diseases with the medicinal herbs and plants without any side effects. The allopathy we use in the present day have a lot of side effects, decreasing the life span of the human race.Let us go back and know the importance of ayurvedic values.


Appreciate the knowledge the sages had once upon a time.

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