Apologies from British Airways for the misplaced Sachin’s Luggage

It seems that the British Airways service is being spoken of the most at present. The service it has provided made everyone get on their nerves after the issue which has been taken place on 12th of November,2015. In the course of Sachin’s tour as a part of “Cricket All Stars T20′ which included the retired star cricket players from all the countries,the British airways has unfortunately misplaced Sachin’s luggage tagging it to a wrong destination.”Sachin’s Blasters” and “Shane Warne’s Warriors” were the 2 teams which were the part of series. Sachin has expressed his frustration on social media tweeting about the bad service provided by the British airways for  his family luggage tagged to a wrong destination. Moreover, his family members were not given confirmation about seats, though the seats were available,He has tweeted in a very frustrated and disappointed state of his mind.


That was the first mistake the British Airways has made. In response to Sachin’s tweet, British Airways has apologized Sachin for he misplaced luggage and commented a reply asking for his Full name and address to get back the lost luggage which is the second mistake it has done. This made Sachin Tendulkar irked by the British Airways Service. How could someone ask the God of Cricket ‘Sachin’s’ full name !. It really sounds ridiculous,even a school going kid would undoubtedly tell his details.The tweet was commented by many other people who were irritated by the service provided by BA.


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