Cloudbursts in Chennai – Airport flooded and phones out

Chennai has been flooded and experienced a deluged Wednesday with rains overwhelming the streets , houses, airport runway and rail tracks.Defense personnel are aiding the lives of the people and distributing the food packets in the suburbs. Several coasts of Tamil Nadu are issuing the same problem.The rain has hit up to 34.5 cm in the past 24 hours .Further more Met officials have stated that the state hasn’t experienced such downpour in the past century.

The poor network has created even more worse scenario as the people couldn’t even get in touch with their near ones. It is difficult for the people working and studying in Chennai to reveal their condition to their families.The National Disaster Relief Force that has so far deployed 10 teams in Tamil Nadu will rush in 600 more personnel and 40 inflatable boats. As Chennai airport is flooded, it was decided that the airfields of Arakkonam, Tirupati, Tambaram and Trichy will be utilized for the operations,” said an official.


The water level has completely risen up and the people have taken refugee on the terrace.Along the banks of the Adyar river, flood waters have gone right up to the second floor of housing board colonies. Currently, the death count had reached 251.

“For the first time in history, the water level of the Adyar river has reached the bridge. This is the worst spell of rains that I have ever seen in this city. We called the police and the Chennai Corporation in the morning to appeal for immediate rescue. But they have not turned up yet,” said R Gopalan, a resident of Vasudeva Nagar in Jafferkhanpet.

Chennai: An aerial photo of flood relief operation by Indian Coast Guard at flood affected areas of Kanchipuram District on the outskirt of Chennai on Tuesday. PTI Photo(PTI11_17_2015_000055B)


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