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Google Celebrates Its 17th Birthday on the occassion of Google doodle

The search engine giant Google (GOOGLE) marks 17th birthday today. On the occasion, google doodle went retro,giving a glimpse of the 90s when plastic PCs were used. Google Doodle that appears on the homepage of Google shows 90s style PC with a keyboard on a table with 1998’s “Google!” logo in it, along with a retro and a lava lamp. In addition, the Linux penguin is peeping from the right of the CRT monitor.


On 27 September 2015 Google is celebrating its 17the birthday. However, the birth date has changed over the time as Google isn’t sure when its was actually formed.
Since, 2006, Google is celebrating its birthday on 27 September. A year before that, in 2006 the search engine giant celebrated on 26 September.

Since 2004, on the occasion of sixth birthday, Google is celebrating online and on that year September 7 was marked as the birthday. While, a year before that was in 2003, birthday was held on September 8. It is to be noticed that the internet giant is celebrating birthday with doodle after it turned four back in 2002.


A statement on Google Blogspot reads, “In the world of computer programming, 17 is widely considered the least random number.
To assume we made it this far without a little luck, though, would be like assuming lava lamps, turtlenecks, and servers held together by building blocks are harbingers of success. For our 17th birthday, we offer a glimpse into our humble beginnings, when branded hockey jerseys were cool, and Savage Garden had a number-one single.”


Journey of Google has been remarkable since its start. Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were studying in MIT made a search engine that used a different technique to search — PAGE RANK. It was the Page Rank algorithm that led Google to become search engine giant and capture more than 80 percent of the market.

Moreover, the domain was bought on 15 September 1997, and it took a year before the website went online on September 4, 1998.

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