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The Engineering Community across India is celebrating Engineers Day on 15th September every year. The Engineers’ Day is celebrated in India on the birth anniversary of the great Indian engineer, Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (Vishweshwaraya), who was born on 15, September, 1860. He is held in high regard as a pre-eminent engineer of India. “Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era” is the theme of Engineers Day 2015.


In Brief Career Details of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (Vishweshwaraya) :-

  • Joined service as Assistant Engineer in Bombay, 1884; served in Nasik, Khandesh and Poona;
  • services lent to Municipality of Sukkur in Sind, 1894: designed and carried out the water works of that Municipality, 1895;
  • Executive Engineer, Surat, 1896;
  • Assistant Superintending Engineer, Poona, 1897–99; visited China and Japan, 1898;
  • Executive Engineer for Irrigation, Poona, 1899;
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  • Sanitary Engineer, Bombay, and Member, Sanitary Board, 1901; gave evidence before the Indian Irrigation Commission, 1901;
  • designed and constructed Automatic Gates patented by him at Lake Fife Storage Reservoir; introduced a new system of irrigation known as the “Block System”, 1903; represented the Bombay Government at the Simla Irrigation Commission, 1904; on special duty, 1905;
  • Superintending Engineer, 1907; visited Egypt, Canada. United States of America and Russia, 1908;
  • services lent as Special Consulting Engineer, Hyderabad, to supervise and carry out Engineering works in connection with the Musi floods, 1909;
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  • retired from British service, 1909;
  • Chief Engineer and Secretary to the Government of Mysore, 1909;
  • Dewan of Mysore, P. W. and Railway Department, 1913;
  • Board of director of TATA STEEL, 1927-1955.
  • Visvesvaraya is regarded as the ‘Father of modern Mysore state’.

Happy Engineers Day 2015 Wishes Quotes Speech Images Whatsapp Status :-

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