MS dreams of students getting into Northwest Polytechnic(NPU) and Silicon Valley Universities(SVU) are shattered

The Spring 2016 semester has become a hurdle for the MS aspirants especially for those who are trying to get into Northwest Polytechnic University(NPU) and Silicon Valley University(SVU).This might be because more and more students are migrating to the US for their higher studies and a brighter career. Both the Universities claim that they are not Blacklisted Universities. However, why would the students belonging only to both these universities are deported back to India? Definitely, there must be some glitch within the US system because the students were issues F 1 Student visas in India and they carried the requisite I-20 forms issued by the educational institutions certifying their admission.

deporting to india

The Indian Embassy here has taken up the matter with the State Department, the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security. Their response is still awaited.There is a lot of bias in this issues. Reports state that the students were deported because they were unable to answer the questions at the port of entry where as few say that the universities are blacklisted and hence students were denied entering into the US. However, the two schools meanwhile respond in reference to black listed issue saying that there are not black listed and US Customs and Border Protection officers were just implementing stricter screening security measures, which are not specific to their students, but to all international students entering the US. All the new students and the returning students were advised to bring original documentation, SVU said, “there were rumours reported by the media in India stating that SVU is being targeted by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).”

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NPU president Peter Hsieh assured the students, families, and friends that he and his team are deeply concerned and doing our best to clear NPU’s name and fight for your rights. As definitive proof that NPU is NOT blacklisted, it provided evidence of a sample of new students that continue to enter the US with F-1 visas with NPU as the designated school.The samples show entry on the December 20, 21 and 22, which are all dates after the false information reported in the media.

As the students with the admission in these universities are deporting to India, Air India is not even accepting the students to board the flight in India itself. However, few students have reached their destinations in California. Further The Fremont school offered a further warning: “If you plan to travel by Air India, we suggest that, if possible, you postpone your trip while university officials clear up this issue with Air India.”

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