Students Beaten By School’s PE Teacher For Being Late to Class By 10 Minutes

Four students at a school in Hyderabad were severely beaten by their PE teacher for coming to school late by ten minutes. According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, the school began classes at 8:30 am and the students came in at 8 40 am. Ramesh, the PE teacher, allegedly used a stick to beat them on their hands and legs. One student had his hand fractured while others have suffered serious injuries on their hands, legs and thighs.


Above picture is a sampled one.The report adds that Saroornagar MEO Venkataiah has filed a police complaint against the teacher and school. The police are now investigating the matter. The student whose hand was fractured already had a the bandage on but was reportedly injured further when the teacher beat him on the same hand. All the students were sent for a medical examination.

The local Meerpet Inspector Biksham Reddy said that, “His right thumb was injured and swelled. No blood injuries were found other than the swelling. The injured students were sent for a medical examination. Once the medical report comes, we can establish the exact reason of the injury.”

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