Vodafone Ghana’s campaign to recycle e-waste from this March

Vodafone has launched a campaign in order to collect the unused phone and batteries and get them recycled starting from this March – 2016 in partnership with Recell Ghana Limited.For the promotion of recycling phones, Vodafone would deploy collection bins at retail shops across Ghana for proper disposal in a responsible and environmentally manner.

voda_reccycle_jpgStudies reveal that the Ghanaians had an enough of three phones stored at home. With the awareness of environmental impacts of the wrong disposal of e – waste, the ghaninas had stored the old headsets, mobile phones, and batteries, especially with Accra, the lack of access to environmentally sound disposal options have led many people to store their obsolete phone at home. Obsolete and irreparable headsets, like any other electronic waste, could be hazardous to the environment in case of poor disposal and insecure manner.

By not recycling e-waste, valuable minerals are lost and potentially hazardous metals (eg. calcium, cadmium, arsenic and mercury) can leach into the ground from disposal into landfills, causing detrimental damage to soil, water supply, vegetation, animals, and humans. The re-use of working phones avoids more mineral extraction and energy consumption in the manufacture of new phones.

“The recycling campaign is our way of encouraging Ghanaians to play their part in greeting the environment” Nana Yaa Ofori – Koree has stated during the campaign in Accra.As a part of the strategy to create value, we will continue to devise sustainability initiatives to manage our socio-economic and environmental impact particularly in waste management and community development”, he added.

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