NASA’s 1st attempt to grow flowers in space

Have you ever heard of “Space plant Biology”,the discipline of Science- the first of its kind to grow plantation in space. Growing flowers in space is a great achievement and this was the first attempt by NASA  astronaut Kjell Lindgren who has activated the Veggie plant growth system and its rooting called “pillows” containing Zinnia seeds on the space station.This remarks the presence of life in space. Additionally this also aids in proving the precursory information of the other flowering plants as well.

NASA Veggie-970-80

Gioia Massa has also stated that it is a tough challenge to grow flowering plants in space than a vegetation crop because the external parameters such as lightning and environmental factors become hurdles during the process.This experiment is implemented neither to stimulate romantic intimacy nor to expand the florist business in space, It is aimed to nourish the NASA’s Plant growing skills where growing flowering plants is a tough challenge rather than a veggie crop like lettuce.

Firstly,  red, blue and green LED lights will be turned on to get an artificial life later  the water and nutrient system to Veggie is activated, and the growth of the plant is monitored. The Zinnias would grow for about 60 days, which is twice as long as the first and second crop of Outredgeous red romaine lettuce that grew on the space station.During the growth cycle, the LED lights will be on for 10 hours and off for 14 hours in order to stimulate the plants to flower.


The Veggie system was developed by Orbital Technologies Corp. (ORBITEC) in Madison, Wisconsin, and tested at Kennedy before flight. Veggie, along with two sets of pillows containing romaine seeds and one set of zinnias, was delivered to the station by SpaceX on the third cargo resupply mission in April 2014.

NASA even added that the scientists are also planning to grow ‘Tomatoes’ in the veggie system on the ISS in 2017 and this could end up becoming a vital element for future deep-space missions.


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