Periodic table has justified permanent spots for 4 elements

The seventh row in the periodic table is now officially complete. The Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has finally stated that there are evidences now for the discovery of elements 113, 115, 117, 118 and has allocated permanent places to them on periodic table. This implies that they would be in use in the coming reactions and also require new official names.

However, they are not found in the live environment but are synthetic elements which are produced in the laboratory. The researchers found the existence of these elements difficult to confirm because they get decayed within fraction of seconds.Until now, elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 had temporary names and positions on the seventh row of the periodic table because scientists have struggled to create them more than once.

Kosuke Morita from RIKEN in Japan has stated that for about seven year they have continued to search for data conclusively identifying element 113, but they have just never saw another event and was never ready to give up because the luck would hit any time and if left in the half while the continuous efforts from several years would go into vain.

The IUPAC has announced that a team of US and Russian researchers have fulfilled the criteria for proving the existence of the remaining three elements, 115, 117, and 118, and will be invited to propose permanent names and symbols. They have been temporarily known as ununpentium (Uup), ununseptium (Uus), and ununoctium (Uuo), respectively.However, the confirmation of the elements 115,117, 118 are yet to be published and the details of the discovery of 113 element has been reported in the journal of physical society of Japan.

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Let’s wait to get to know the new names of the elements.

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