More demand for Amazon lead to the customization of its app

Indian Engineers have reduced the size of the Amazon’s application on mobile due to the huge demand it has especially among Indians.Online retailer Inc. is localizing its technology operations  by freeing up its engineers to launch new features and customize its smartphone app for shoppers.

Amazon India has reduced its size  of its mobile app more than 60% to suit the cheap smartphones introduced near-automated sign-ups for first-time mobile users, made it easier for customers to pay online, look up for deals, among other innovations, some of which the company has adopted in its international markets. These changes have brought out positive responses among the customers.


Few changes in the application include:

Sign up: The sign up earlier went through the sequence entering the username, password, confirm password and then you receive an OTP. Now the engineers have customized where the mobile number is pre-detected and the new user only has to enter a password. You get an OTP (one-time password), which is read and entered automatically. This is another feature we have opened up in other markets.

Deals: Deals are disproportionately important in India compared with our other markets. But we realized that (previous) deals pages aren’t going to work in India, so the deals pages were overtaken and redesigned completely, including some of the underlying technologies. A huge number of components from our redesign is being used in global markets.

Size: Earlier, the size of the app was around 22MB, where the mobile users had to face difficulty in loading the page and looking up for the products. This made the engineers bring down to as low size as possible which 9.8 MB.

These improvements have resulted in more shoppers installing Amazon India’s app than any rival’s in the last three months of 2015, as stated by the company itself.

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