Mojis on Skype-exclusively for India !

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Skype is one among the best video calling application which bridges the gap between people staying far away from the dear ones. This is something like adding flavor to the dish. Not only video calling but also skype allows texting too. However this texting has now turned up more lively and interesting .

In an event in Delhi , Gurdeep Pall, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft,Skype and Skype for Business announced their partnership with Eros and YRF to bring moji support to Skype. One might be wondering what this ‘Moji’ refer to. We all have been pretty familiar with the emoticons on many social networking sites. However, Skype has added something different, the sensational clips from blockbuster movies are available as bits and those can be substituted when ever one feels like expressing the same ideas. Doesn’t it sound interesting ? Microsoft’s instant messaging platform collaborated with Bollywood studios, Yash Raj Films and Eros Now, for creating these moving emoticons.

Gurdeep has additionally added that the data card users might find it difficult in accessing these moji’s every now and then reducing the memory capacity and high buffering. To discard such problems, he stated that these moji’s have been cached on the app itself and the need to download them always can be eliminated.

He has even said that “There are about 100 Mojis now, and we will keep adding them on the app. We are also thinking about including several features, which may allow users in the future to send custom Mojis via the instant chat,”

India is the biggest platform for instant messaging apps such as ‘whatsapp’, ‘viber’, ‘skype’, ‘hike’, etc and is very essential for the growth of the company.It approximately connects around 300 million users worldwide.

Experience the all new world of moji’s in skype and enjoy skyping. 🙂


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