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India’s own navigational system – “NAVIC”

Say “Good Bye” to existing GPS and say “Namaskar to NAVIC”.Thanks to ISRO. ISRO has successfully launched on board its 7th and final satellite the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), this has taken off from the Sriharikota launch pad at 12.50 p.m. on Thursday. This navigation for Indians especially for mariners and fisherman is named after them “NAVIC” (NAVigation with Indian Constellation) by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.They have been sailing through the tough times through the sea using the sun and stars as waypoints for hundreds of years. Now the desi navigational system would be set up in a month for our Indians.


Interestingly, the seventh and final satellite of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, the IRNSS 1G, was launched into a sub geosynchronous transfer orbit with a perigree (nearest point to earth) of 284 km and an apogee (farthest point to earth) of 20,657 km.With this launch, the IRNSS constellation of seven satellites is now complete. This will allow the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to focus on the process of designing front end chips which will receive the navigational signals sent out by the satellites. The system will be similar to the Global Positioning System (GPS) operated by the United States with 24 satellites and the Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou systems of Russia, Europe and China respectively.With an accuracy of better than 20 m being claimed by ISRO, the navigation system will be offered as an open or Standard Positioning Service and a superior, coded military Restricted Service.

Now India is into the list of 5 nations who have their own navigation systems. They are US, Russia, European union, China and India.However, these nations use 24 satellites for navigation.Indian space agency officials stated that IRNSS system is unique as it consist only seven satellites.This might be because the navigation is regional in nature while most of the systems are global.According to ISRO officials, the total cost of all the seven satellites was Rs 1,420 crore.Happily, India has turned out into an independent nation,here after we don’t need to rely on the other nations for navigation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has showered a”priceless gift” to countrymen, saying they have realized the dream of ‘Make-in-India‘, ‘Made-in-India’ and ‘Made-for- Indians’ to fulfill the needs of common people.


Thanks to ISRO. Proud to be an Indian.

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