On Android WhatsApp Finally Gets Google Drive Backup Feature

WhatsApp users on Android devices can now save their conversation histories on Google Drive. Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has finally added.WhatsApp much awaited Google Drive integration feature for Android users. As announced by Google and WhatsApp on Wednesday. The latest version of WhatsApp for Android allows you to create private backups on Google Drive. Surprisingly, the announcement was made on the official Google Drive Blog. This is surprising mostly because WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and Facebook and Google don’t tend to partner on… well, anything really.  So WhatsApp is adding the option to backup and restore your chat history, voice messages, photos, and videos.




On Android WhatsApp Finally Gets Google Drive Backup Feature:-

WhatsApp has had a local backup feature for years, but without any way to automatically upload that backup to the cloud.WhatsApp usefulness was rather limited. If your phone ever got lost or stolen and you didn’t have a backup stored elsewhere. your entire chat history would be gone forever. There were ways around this limitation  but this added a layer of unnecessary complication that very few users bothered going through.


With this Google Drive backup feature, users can backup their data as per their choice – daily, weekly or monthly basis. Also, users can exclude the videos from the backup. With this, WhatsApp users on Android can stay relaxed that their WhatsApp data will be there even if something happens to their  smartphone.

The WhatsApp feature is rolling out over the next few months. So if you don’t have it already, hang in there and try not to lose your phone or something till you’re done backing up your WhatsApp.

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