Power paper – an energy storing paper like material

Scientists have now come up with the latest invention ‘Power paper’ which utilizes a paper to save energy.It is amazing to watch technology which has transformed the world into a gadget hub which make devices thinner and thinner day by day. Referring back to the age of the 1st invention of CPU  where its  size was as bis as a room. Gradually with the advancement in the technology the size has cut down and now the laptops are just as slim as a book and are very portable and flexible.

Though the latest technologies are making the electronic devices thinner, power supplies are not slimmed down at the same pace. Sweden scientists have invented the power paper, a thin paper like material with a remarkable capacity to store energy.

Features:Diameter of about 15 cm and as thick as less than 0.5 mm but can store up to electrical capacitance of up to 1 Farad .This  is about the same as many super capacitors  used in electric devices today.Its material is made of nano cellulose and a conductive polymer which cane be used and recharged lasting for hundreds of charge cycles.

Appearance: It resembles a black paper but when touched gives a plastic feel. However, it exhibits the property of a paper i.e. it can be folded and amazing thing is that even origami shapes can be made of it.

Preparation : The researchers team have created the sheets by breaking down cellulose fibres by using high-pressure water which measure just 20 nm in diameter and are added to water solution containing electrically charged polymer. The polymer then forms a thin coating over the fibres.

The present days batteries and capacitors contain huge amounts of metal and toxic chemicals , but the power paper is made from simple materials: renewable cellulose and readily available polymer. Additionally, according to the researchers the paper is light, non toxic and water prof to boot. Hence, they would have huge advantages over the present day batteries.

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